More than one error - cannot open app anymore ??

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vtmade Russia
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More than one error - cannot open app anymore ??

Post by vtmade » November 27th, 2020, 8:29 pm

Hello Folks.
I have searched for & joined this forum because the Pi app has gone sort of nuts on my phone.

In my searching I have also seen mentions of updating the app as well as the really deadly error now stopping me from using it anymore made by other folks, but nobody reported finding any fix for it.

Error 1:
When the notification came around telling us all to update our info for KYC, I tried doing that, and for the 1st day it brought up only a screen with a bunch of lines that said 'translation in progress'.
On the 2nd day it was a bit better & I tried filling in the fields, and it seemed to complete OK - but from the 3rd day ONLY makes=>

Error 2:
The sequence is like so=>
I open the app - it does its flashy logo screen - it resolves to a white screen that only says:

"Pi Network encountered an error
And there it stays.

Perhaps worthy of note is that about a month ago that same error (#2) had come up for some days - and then somehow resolved & vanished on its own;
This time it has persisted.

My device is an LG Tribute 5 with Android v5.1.1

I do have a newer phone that I can install the Pi app on, but have no idea how to do so with transferring my same account info, and have found no threads here suggesting fixes for any of this.
I started very early on & do not wish to suffer the loss of this.

If there is some way to move my account to another device I will hugely appreciate any help from the good folks here, please ??

I also wish to mention that I made use of the contact page at the main Pi site around 2 weeks ago, it confirmed that my message was sent - and nobody from there has ever responded to my plea for help.

Thanks for reading all of this !!

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