well that would be a long list

Report all Pi Network bugs. Screenshot all Pi related problems here e.g "Can't verify phone number" "trouble sending invites" "pi app crash" "referral link issues" etc.
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well that would be a long list

Post by go314 » September 6th, 2020, 7:56 am

1) in Android the application is NOT working (not even opening) for some - who knows why, I have one phone with adequate android version, but it is NOT opening at all, on the other I could run it
2 but here is famous error 538 blocking part of features (chat for instance), when it occures the app is frozen
3 IQ Fever is not working on phone app, it is working on PC version, but there it does not get right the localisation
4 PC version is made with errors, the window does not fit properly in some chats, that causes problms

maybe not exactly an error, but i tried to donate to IQ Fever (only to see how it works) - unfortunately Pi Network claims that to do it, I have to pass KYC... well that is quite strange, as to receive transfer from IQ Fever I do not need to... of course you know, that KYC is like unicorn

not exactly concerning the app (but maybe), there are problems with NODE (Docker etc), it seems that the attitude is very amatourish - practicaly it is for informatics with PhD at least, of course the version for window PRO is one pice (easy), for HOME it is a stack of idiocies, that normal person does not undrstand

but when you download and run it (intuitively), although somewhere was written it makes no problem and does not influence at all the PC, practically quite often it clogs it and meke it unusable, so I got rid of it

by the way last version (I'm not sure if it is Dockers or as they claim in Pi Network their software) states that it is possible to use this one steap easy version also for win10 HOME though version above 1018 (as I recall), now i checked I have 1030 - in mathematics that stands above = as newer version, but when I tried to install it, it says that it is not...

you'll say i should install 2004 (as the PI Network suggests it who knows why) - with pleasure, unfortunately other idiots this time from microsoft do not allow me - to be clear, they say I SHOULD install 2004 as it is compatible, but when trying to upgrade (probably around 70%) it stops and nothing happens - not possible to upgrade...

I'm a bit perplexed how all of them do not care - and this project is of a high risk - they either become popular (and POI common), or they'll perish and Pi becoming one of THOUSANDS cryptocurrecies...

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