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Welcome to the Pi Network Community Forums

Post by ImplantedSteak » September 9th, 2019, 11:12 pm

Pi Talk is a Community run by Pi community. Today we created a community forum for all Pioneers all over the world to discuss the Pi Network development and Pi Cryptocurrency. There are few rules that we expect everyone to follow.

We do NOT allow the following behavior:

1.) Vulgarity
2.) Personal Attacks
3.) Advertising

When interacting with other pioneers in the forum, please be respectful with each other, respect their views and opinions. Avoid confrontation, we are not keyboard warrior here. We are PIONEERS. Our MODERATORS will delete, edit, move or remove a message as they see fit.

You can send all complaints of abuse to ptadmin@pitalk.org.

We created this forum to assists PIONEERS in reporting bugs to the Pi Network Devs. Take screenshots when submitting report.
'For any urgent issues you should contact the Picoreteam via pi app and mark it URGENT.

Please visit Pi Network FAQ section and Whitepaper for additional information.

and I WELCOME YOU ALL. Let's Pi the world.
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