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How do we measure Pi’s success?

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During this enclosed mainnet many price speculation has come out and the most popular one is the $314159 consensus value. It is very attractive to mostly all pioneers. Who doesn't want this value? Because even if you only have 10pi in your wallet you can purchase a house or a car? Who doesn’t want that? But as the PCT said “there is no guaranteed that Pi will succeed” and most pioneers already claiming Pi's success. Recently Doris Yin the prominent promoter of GCV of $314159 backtracked from supporting the GCV to there is “No Cash Flow” and many pioneers became frustrated. With all these speculations and chaos during the enclosed mainnet we never heard anything from the PCT.

So how do we measure Pi's success? Recently on twitter, I posted “if your standard of living hasn’t changed or increased despite mining and having Pi. Pi has not succeeded”

How do we measure Pi's success?