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PI – “PINETWORK” is everyday people’s movement where the value and success depend solely on the Pi pioneers’ initiative to support the project.

Pi is everyday people’s initiative to work together to achieve a common goal because Pi is a socially-oriented cryptocurrency project meant to give billions of people across the world their fair share of the global economy and we can achieve this if we all work together.

Pi brings hope to many. It is in our collective efforts to bring pi to success because when Pi succeeds we all succeed. This way, Pi will bring hope and prosperity to everyday people. You better believe it. We will do our best and we will do our part as Pioneers of Pi Network. In our small ways and with limited skills and resources if we combine will achieve many great things.

Let’s support each other and please continue to support our #BuildforPi initiative. Please support our #PiTaXi project. You can show your support in many ways. You can donate on IndieGoGo or visit our PiTALK blog every day. Did you know by just reading our blogs and creating your account you are helping us tremendously to finance the PiTaXi project? Yes, you are! We are so grateful. Thank you!

We implemented Adsense on our websites to generate funds, this way we can build our PiTaXi project, and THANK YOU for supporting us. PiTaXi is a great community project. It is a long-term #PiNetwork utility that every pioneer will benefit from.

PiTaXi will revolutionize the future of transportation operated by you and me and everyday people powered by Pi cryptocurrency. Fellow pioneers, I am so grateful and the rest of the PiTaxi team appreciates you all and we are thankful.

Pi Network is an ecosystem and a community with an initiative and a common goal. Let’s support each other to bring Pi to success because just like I said when Pi succeeds we all succeed.

“We rise when we lift each other”.


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