Could You spend 3 mins everyday for Pitaxi ?

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PiTaxi Inc  a new Eco system Utility that seeks to be a digital aggregator connecting decentralized, eco-conscience courier services with Pinetwork community and like-minded consumers, offering them their transportation needs. From rideshare to curbside pickup and delivery, PiTaxi will move you on demand.

Where we are as an Entity & Ecosystem Utility

At the moment we have successfully registered Pitaxi as a US based incorporation in the State of Hawaii. Also, we are currently in talks to develop the Pitaxi App, compactible with the Pi Blockchain. Our goal is Scalability and we want to serve the global community and be their one stop option for decentralized transportation at the best / highest consensus price.

The task @ Hand

We have a huge budget on our table. Developing a web App for a decentralized community of over 40 million users with the potential to scale to over 100 million in the nearest future requires the best hands in application development.

How can Pitaxi meet this Huge Challenge?

One major approach the Pitaxi Core have devised is to monetize web traffic. To this end, we have a blog as our monetize web portal, with , all that is needed is traffic – visit us daily and read our articles in so doing we get monetized incentives from Adsense.

So how can you help?

The pi-network community is the biggest decentralized community. Millions of views on the articles we post on everyday will go along way towards archiving our goal for Pitaxi. Thus as Pinetwork leaders in Asia, North – central & south America, Africa, Middle-east, Europe & Australia, Pitaxi Inc solicits for your benevolent help and understanding in our quest to redirect all web traffic to Your voice in your respective social media handles & circles is an invaluable asset to Pitaxi. Just 3 mins daily, reading our articles and interacting with it, by you and your audience/ET is GOLD to Pitaxi .You as the Global community is one sure path to our quest for success and we salute your individual resourcefulness.

Pitaxi Inc also has its landing page which is currently on development.

Thank you for giving us your precious 3mins


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