Understanding the Pi Network SDK

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Just a few weeks back, the Pi Network Core Team announced that the Pi Browser SDK (Software Development Kit) is finally ready! The software development kit comes as an exciting development after quite some time in the works. No doubt, it is a major leap in Pi’s journey toward becoming the world’s best cryptocurrency.
Funny enough, every pioneer seems to be fully aware that the SDK is good news for Pi Network progress but none seem to fully understand what it is. Of course, we don’t really need to understand it to enjoy its benefits but it definitely helps manage expectations about where Pi Network is headed and what exactly we can look forward to in the near future.

So, what exactly is the Pi Network SDK?
Simply put, an SDK (a Software Development Kit) is a collection of software development tools in one installable package. These tools are therefore used by app developers to create applications for a particular platform/browser.

What does the SDK mean for the Pi community?                                                  In the case of the Pi Network Browser, the new SDK enables the creation of secure websites on the Pi Browser. This means that pioneers can now access shopping sites, social platforms, and a lot more! It is therefore the key to unlock full utilization of the Pi Browser.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits that come with this toolkit in detail;

Enable the development of Pi-centric apps
One of the major highlights of the SDK is it will enable programmers to develop Pi-specific apps quite easily, without having to write every line of code from scratch.
As you are probably aware, the Pi Network is fast gaining its share of the digital space, and it means we are going to need numerous apps so that we can efficiently use the coin. The SDK is a major leap in the forward direction as it will enable thousands of developers to come up with the much-needed tools that are going to enhance the Pi ecosystem.

More security
Security is also another great benefit that programmers and users alike will gain from the development of the SDK. No doubt, cryptocurrency is a very security-sensitive terrain, and having a tailor-made platform for the development of Pi apps will go a long way in ensuring that your details, currency, and activities in the ecosystem are safe from third parties.
With the launch of the open mainnet, there has already been a lot of scammers trying to rob Pioneers of their coin through fraudulent peer-to-peer transactions. As such, the use of utility apps on the browser will reduce this scamming risk.

Increased brand visibility
The success of the Pi Network also greatly hinges on the number of people who are part of the community. The Pi SDK that has just been released will enable programmers to have much-needed control over the user interface. This is a crucial benefit in branding, as it will give people who are in the community the privileged to send out an impression about the network they consider fit.

Customized user experience
The newly released SDK will increase the versatility of applications developed for the Pi Network. No doubt, it will bring much-needed high application retention and mobile behavior among users.

With the Pi Network community growing exponentially, it means we are going to need numerous apps to perform daily tasks on the network, making technical support a key component of the success of the system. The recently released SDK will ensure that support issues such as technical glitches on the platform can be addressed timeously. This will ensure that people in the community will not experience inconveniences that will cost them time and money.

No doubt, the released SDK is a step in the right direction for the Pi Network and brings several long-term benefits to members of the community. Several platforms are already ready to operate and are just awaiting their vendor wallets to begin operations. Indeed, the Pi Network revolution has officially begun!

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