Stop GCV Bullying

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Author: MatadorTM

Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that some Pioneers bully others when they decided to trade Pi for goods or services at their ( own ) ideal price.

Remember that the value of a currency is NOT or shouldn’t be IMPOSED to others at this early phase. It must follow the law of supply and demand. (When we hit exchanges) Everyone is free to express their ideal price and do trades as long as both parties agree.

Cryptocurrency especially Pi Network will not be anchored on a single value. This thing called “GLOBAL CONSENSUS VALUE” circulating right now is what some Pioneers value each Pi and I respect that. But that may not be the same value for all. And we should also RESPECT them.

I also read some comments, that threaten those who value their Pi differently, that they will be banned for such action and I’m here to confirm that is FALSE information. All the rules governing the IN APP transfer can be found here at No. 17 of the Terms of Service

Let us be civilized on this matter. If someone doesn’t agree with your value, find someone who will.

Let’s encourage and support sellers here in our community. Let them value their Pi according to what they want. We are still building the ecosystem. Help us make it available for everyone.

Hold on and KEEP MINING!

MatadorTM – Mega Moderator Asia Pacific

Disclaimer: This Announcement does not represent the PiCoreTeam and the SocialChain Inc.

Published with permission from the author.

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