Pi’s wide-reaching ecosystem

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Author: juggernaut

September 22, 2021

The Essence of Pi’s wide-reaching ecosystem

Most of the cryptocurrencies in existence today share the same shortcomings: they are not scalable, and they do not have a robust ecosystem to support their growth.

Pi Network’s core team understands that the essential ingredients to a successful cryptocurrency are (1) adaptation, (2) scalability, and (3) well-rounded utilities. If the ecosystem itself is designed so that it targets as many industries as possible, people’s adaptation will likely follow naturally.

Pi Network must have a wide array of native and third-party apps to sustain daily transactions amongst people and businesses, as is what Pi is originally intended for. People must expect to see apps and websites belonging to different niches: marketplaces, NFTs, gaming and sports, social platforms, rewards sites, manpower pooling, virtual services, goods trading, and whatnot.

If a cryptocurrency’s use is limited to, say, market trading only, it is plausible that its growth will either be stunted or sluggish. This is because people do not perceive the crypto as capable enough to sustain itself in the long run and that its future can be deemed as bleak outside of trading.

On the other hand, if the digital currency can be used to buy and sell goods, hire people, and reward members, then it targets a much larger demographics and a much broader market. It, therefore, means that different people with different wants and needs will be able to enjoy the cryptocurrency and appreciate its worth. As a result, more people around the world will transact business every day.

Pi Network is exactly like that. Its developers have been creating powerful sites and utilities that will soon offer varying services to its pioneers that will allow them to come back again and again and use Pi across these sites.

When people begin to realize that their mined Pi is worth something, that there are actual places where they can use their Pi, and that there are people who accept Pi as payment, then they will also begin to understand Pi’s power. In turn, Pi’s future can be sustained, and its value can be pushed further.

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