A Dark Horse in the Making

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A Dark Horse in the Making

What happened to Friendster? …to Nokia and Blackberry? …to floppy disks and CDs? And maybe someday we will also ask ourselves what happen to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Technological advancements happen! Technology comes and goes. Sometimes they stay and evolve, other times they become obsolete.

The landscape of cryptocurrency is fast changing. Cryptocurrencies are evolving to address the weaknesses of their predecessors. As we continue with advancement, new players are joining the race and one of them is Pi.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is Pi, the new kid in town and a potential dark horse.

A community-based project with a very responsible core team, Pi has the potential for greatness. Bringing surprises to the table, it has many improvements to offer. Adaptability, efficiency, and speed to name a few.

Haste is waste, as they say, Pi takes a different course. In every inch of development, the community is consulted, and every feedback is taken into consideration. May it respond quickly or not, rest assured everything is considered by the core team according to its contingency.

We learn from experience that we overthink simple matters and overcomplicate things in the process and in the end, we realize that all we need is to have faith in our fate. For now, Pi is just a great maybe or whatnot whose destiny is just waiting to be shaped by us (the pioneers). Now the question is: Do you have faith in it, or you’re just another shadow on the side-line waiting for its fate to happen?

Faith and fate will play their cards, but the future will always be shaped by the present doers!

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