What Pi needs from you as a pioneer?

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Author: juggernaut

August 24, 2021

Pi does not need you to focus on its future value alone.

Pi is a game-changing coin in the field of cryptocurrency. It is nothing like those ordinary cryptocurrencies that exist these days. One of the reasons why Pi is created is that it hopes to change the conventional methods, technology, and mentality that wrap around today’s cryptocurrencies. Pi longs to provide solutions to the discrepancies, weaknesses, and impracticality in the world of cryptos.

Pi does not need those people who cannot and who choose not to understand the essence of Pi’s existence: its mission, vision, and goals. More importantly, Pi does not need those people who failed to recognize the reasons why they are called “pioneers”.

As a Pioneer, you are the one who will draw the path that Pi will take. You are the one who will guide Pi towards its future. As a Pioneer, you are supposed to be an innovator – someone who supports new concepts and searches for new ideas for the betterment of people’s lives. As a Pioneer, you are not supposed to find yourself stuck in life’s old-fashioned and obsolete way of thinking – like the old concept of value creation of a crypto coin or any given asset. One example of this is trading.

Pi’s future value does not depend on the buying and selling in the market alone. You should widen your knowledge on this one. Do not force yourself to comprehend the old ways. Do your own research.

If this is your first time setting foot on cryptocurrency because of Pi, well first, you should be thankful because they are the future of the financial systems in the world and Pi raised your awareness of them. Second, do not be drastic with your decisions and with your actions. Stop yourself from saying things that are not based on the reality of Pi. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask those who know Pi better and deeper. Keep yourself from acting like you know Pi to its core, just like someone who has barely met another person on the street and who is quick to judge that person as a swindler.

If you are here simply because you want to mine and earn money in the quickest way possible, if you think that Pi is the answer to your financial woes, and if you think that it is just another pump-and-dump crypto, then Pi is not for you.
If you truly are a Pioneer, believe in Pi’s power and in its capacity to change things. Your trust and belief in Pi will guide you through in bringing Pi closer to the community.


( As originally posted by the same author on PI NETWORK Philippines FB page in the Tagalog language: https://www.facebook.com/groups/364364907813106/?multi_permalinks=870758567173735¬if_id=1629607187145792¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif )

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